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NBA Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Game Lines
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(#565) Celtics vs Pacers 01:05 pm
Celtics-2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Pacers+2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over20410/11Time Remaining
Under20410/11Time Remaining
Celtics -1451.6920/29Time Remaining
Pacers +1252.255/4Time Remaining
(#567) Warriors vs Clippers 03:35 pm
Warriors-9-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Clippers+9-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over235.510/11Time Remaining
Under235.510/11Time Remaining
Warriors -4451.2220/89Time Remaining
Clippers +3554.5571/20Time Remaining
(#569) Raptors vs Magic 07:05 pm
Raptors-5.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Magic+5.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over20710/11Time Remaining
Under20710/11Time Remaining
Raptors -2351.4320/47Time Remaining
Magic +1952.9539/20Time Remaining
(#571) T-Blazers vs Thunder 09:35 pm
T-Blazers+6-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Thunder-6-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over223.510/11Time Remaining
Under223.510/11Time Remaining
T-Blazers +20032/1Time Remaining
Thunder -2401.425/12Time Remaining
»Series Prices
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(#211) Thunder vs T-Blazers (7 Games Series Price) 09:35 pm
Thunder +1202.26/5Time Remaining
T-Blazers -1401.715/7Time Remaining
NBA 1st Half Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»NBA 1st Half
Go to event:1HCeltics 1HClippers 1HMagic 1HPacers 1HRaptors 1HT-Blazers 1HThunder 1HWarriors
(#1565) 1HCeltics vs 1HPacers (1st Half) 01:05 pm
1HCeltics-1-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
1HPacers+1-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Over99-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Under99-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
(#1567) 1HWarriors vs 1HClippers (1st Half) 03:35 pm
1HWarriors-5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
1HClippers+5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Over120.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Under120.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
(#1569) 1HRaptors vs 1HMagic (1st Half) 07:05 pm
1HRaptors-2.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
1HMagic+2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over105.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Under105.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
(#1571) 1HT-Blazers vs 1HThunder (1st Half) 09:35 pm
1HT-Blazers+3-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
1HThunder-3-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Over109-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under109-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
MLB Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Game Lines
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(#901) Nationals (S Strasburg) vs Marlins (T Richards) 01:10 pm
Nationals -1651.6120/33Time Remaining
Marlins +1452.4529/20Time Remaining
Over7-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under7eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Nationals-1.5+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Marlins+1.5-1251.84/5Time Remaining
(#903) Giants (D Rodriquez) vs Pirates (C Archer) 01:35 pm
Giants +1302.313/10Time Remaining
Pirates -1501.672/3Time Remaining
Over7-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under7eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Giants+1.5-1651.6120/33Time Remaining
Pirates-1.5+1452.4529/20Time Remaining
(#905) Dodgers (C Kershaw) vs Brewers (B Woodruff) 02:10 pm
Dodgers -1251.84/5Time Remaining
Brewers +1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Over8.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under8.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Dodgers-1.5+1252.255/4Time Remaining
Brewers+1.5-1451.6920/29Time Remaining
(#907) Mets (N Syndergaard) vs Cardinals (D Hudson) 02:10 pm
Mets -1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Cardinals +1152.1523/20Time Remaining
Over8.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Under8.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Mets-1.5+1252.255/4Time Remaining
Cardinals+1.5-1451.6920/29Time Remaining
(#909) Diamondbacks (R Ray) vs Cubs (T Chatwood) 02:20 pm
Diamondbacks -1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Cubs -1101.9110/11Time Remaining
(#911) Phillies (J Eickhoff) vs Rockies (J Gray) 03:10 pm
Phillies +1152.1523/20Time Remaining
Rockies -1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Over10.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under10.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Phillies+1.5-1551.6520/31Time Remaining
Rockies-1.5+1352.3527/20Time Remaining
(#913) Reds (T Mahle) vs Padres (J Lucchesi) 04:10 pm
Reds +1202.26/5Time Remaining
Padres -1401.715/7Time Remaining
Over7.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Under7.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Reds+1.5-1551.6520/31Time Remaining
Padres-1.5+1352.3527/20Time Remaining
(#915) Twins (K Gibson) vs Orioles (D Bundy) 01:05 pm
Twins -1451.6920/29Time Remaining
Orioles +1252.255/4Time Remaining
Over9.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Under9.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Twins-1.5+1102.111/10Time Remaining
Orioles+1.5-1301.7710/13Time Remaining
(#917) Royals (J Lopez) vs Yankees (J Paxton) 01:05 pm
Royals +1952.9539/20Time Remaining
Yankees -2351.4320/47Time Remaining
Over8.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under8.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Royals+1.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Yankees-1.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
(#919) White Sox (R Lopez) vs Tigers (D Norris) 01:10 pm
White Sox +1102.111/10Time Remaining
Tigers -1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Over9.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under9.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
White Sox+1.5-1651.6120/33Time Remaining
Tigers-1.5+1452.4529/20Time Remaining
(#921) Red Sox (D Price) vs Rays (T Glasnow) 02:10 pm
Red Sox -1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Rays -1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Over8-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under8-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Red Sox+1.5-1801.565/9Time Remaining
Rays-1.5+1602.68/5Time Remaining
(#923) Astros (C Mchugh) vs Rangers (S Miller) 03:05 pm
Astros -2051.4920/41Time Remaining
Rangers +1752.757/4Time Remaining
Over11eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under11-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Astros-1.5-1401.715/7Time Remaining
Rangers+1.5+1202.26/5Time Remaining
(#925) Blue Jays (A Sanchez) vs Athletics (B Anderson) 04:00 pm
Blue Jays +1452.4529/20Time Remaining
Athletics -1651.6120/33Time Remaining
Over8.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under8.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Blue Jays+1.5-1401.715/7Time Remaining
Athletics-1.5+1202.26/5Time Remaining
(#927) Mariners (M Leake) vs Angels (J Barria) 04:00 pm
Mariners eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Angels -1201.835/6Time Remaining
Over9.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under9.5-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Mariners+1.5-1751.574/7Time Remaining
Angels-1.5+1552.5531/20Time Remaining
(#929) Braves (M Fried) vs Indians (S Bieber) 07:05 pm
Braves +1102.111/10Time Remaining
Indians -1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Over7.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under7.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Braves+1.5-1751.574/7Time Remaining
Indians-1.5+1552.5531/20Time Remaining
NHL Updated 04/21 08:09 am
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(#79) Bruins vs Maple Leafs 07:00 pm
Bruins eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Maple Leafs -1201.835/6Time Remaining
Over5.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under5.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
(#83) Sharks vs Golden Knights 07:00 pm
Sharks +1552.5531/20Time Remaining
Golden Knights -1751.574/7Time Remaining
Over6-1151.8720/23Time Remaining
Under6-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
»Series Prices
Go to event:Bruins Golden Knights Maple Leafs Sharks
(#253) Maple Leafs vs Bruins (7 Game Series Price) 03:05 pm
Maple Leafs -3101.3210/31Time Remaining
Bruins +2503.55/2Time Remaining
(#265) Golden Knights vs Sharks (7 Game Series Price) 10:30 pm
Golden Knights -4701.2110/47Time Remaining
Sharks +3504.57/2Time Remaining
Belgium Jupiler League Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Belgium Jupiler League
Go to event:Anderlecht KAA Gent RS Waasland Royal Mouscron
KAA Gent vs Anderlecht 12:00 pm
KAA Gent +2153.1543/20Time Remaining
Draw +2503.55/2Time Remaining
Anderlecht +1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Over2.5-1601.635/8Time Remaining
Under2.5+1202.26/5Time Remaining
Royal Mouscron vs RS Waasland 02:00 pm
Royal Mouscron -1201.835/6Time Remaining
Draw +2253.259/4Time Remaining
RS Waasland +2453.4549/20Time Remaining
Over3-1251.84/5Time Remaining
Under3-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Denmark SuperLiga Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Denmark SuperLiga
Go to event:AC Horsens Aarhus GF Sonderjyske Vejle Boldklub Kolding
Sonderjyske vs AC Horsens 10:00 am
Sonderjyske +1502.53/2Time Remaining
Draw +2103.121/10Time Remaining
AC Horsens +1802.89/5Time Remaining
Over2.5+1102.111/10Time Remaining
Under2.5-1401.715/7Time Remaining
Aarhus GF vs Vejle Boldklub Kolding 12:00 pm
Aarhus GF +1902.919/10Time Remaining
Draw +2253.259/4Time Remaining
Vejle Boldklub Kolding +1302.313/10Time Remaining
Over2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under2.5-1251.84/5Time Remaining
English Premier Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»English Premier
Go to event:Arsenal Cardiff Crystal Palace Everton Liverpool Manchester United
Manchester United vs Everton 08:30 am
Manchester United +1302.313/10Time Remaining
Draw +2403.412/5Time Remaining
Everton +1852.8537/20Time Remaining
Over2.5-1251.84/5Time Remaining
Under2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Liverpool vs Cardiff 11:00 am
Liverpool -5351.1920/107Time Remaining
Draw +5656.65113/20Time Remaining
Cardiff +12001312/1Time Remaining
Over3-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under3-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Crystal Palace vs Arsenal 11:00 am
Crystal Palace +4505.59/2Time Remaining
Draw +3404.417/5Time Remaining
Arsenal -1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Over3-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under3-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
France Ligue 1 Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»France Ligue 1
Go to event:AS Monaco Amiens AC FC Nantes Lille Paris St Germain St Etienne Stade Reims Toulouse
Amiens AC vs FC Nantes 09:00 am
Amiens AC +3454.4569/20Time Remaining
Draw +2153.1543/20Time Remaining
FC Nantes -1201.835/6Time Remaining
Over2-1251.84/5Time Remaining
Under2-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Lille vs Toulouse 09:00 am
Lille +1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Draw +2253.259/4Time Remaining
Toulouse +2503.55/2Time Remaining
Over2.5+1102.111/10Time Remaining
Under2.5-1401.715/7Time Remaining
St Etienne vs Stade Reims 11:00 am
St Etienne +1852.8537/20Time Remaining
Draw +20032/1Time Remaining
Stade Reims +1502.53/2Time Remaining
Over2-1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Under2eveneven1/1Time Remaining
AS Monaco vs Paris St Germain 03:00 pm
AS Monaco +5656.65113/20Time Remaining
Draw +4155.1583/20Time Remaining
Paris St Germain -2551.3920/51Time Remaining
Over3.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Under3.5-1251.84/5Time Remaining
German Bundesliga Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»German Bundesliga
Go to event:Borussia Dortmund Hannover 96 Hertha Berlin SC Freiburg
Borussia Dortmund vs SC Freiburg 09:30 am
Borussia Dortmund -2001.51/2Time Remaining
Draw +3354.3567/20Time Remaining
SC Freiburg +4505.59/2Time Remaining
Over3-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Under3-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Hannover 96 vs Hertha Berlin 12:00 pm
Hannover 96 +4105.141/10Time Remaining
Draw +3204.216/5Time Remaining
Hertha Berlin -1701.5910/17Time Remaining
Over3-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under3-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Holland Eredivisie League Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Holland Eredivisie League
Go to event:Ado Den Haag Fortuna Sittard NAC Breda PSV Eindhoven
NAC Breda vs Fortuna Sittard 08:30 am
NAC Breda +2153.1543/20Time Remaining
Draw +2603.613/5Time Remaining
Fortuna Sittard +10021/1Time Remaining
Over3-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under3-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Ado Den Haag vs PSV Eindhoven 10:45 am
Ado Den Haag +17001817/1Time Remaining
Draw +8359.35167/20Time Remaining
PSV Eindhoven -11001.091/11Time Remaining
Over4+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Under4-1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Major League Soccer Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Major League Soccer
Go to event:D.C. United Los Angeles FC New York City FC Seattle Sounders
New York City FC vs D.C. United 04:00 pm
New York City FC +2503.55/2Time Remaining
Draw +2453.4549/20Time Remaining
D.C. United -1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Over3eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under3-1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Seattle Sounders vs Los Angeles FC 07:00 pm
Seattle Sounders  +3204.216/5Time Remaining
Draw +2753.7511/4Time Remaining
Los Angeles FC -1401.715/7Time Remaining
Over3+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Under3-1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Mexican Primera League Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Mexican Primera League
Go to event:America Queretaro Santos Laguna Toluca
America vs Toluca 01:00 pm
America +1502.53/2Time Remaining
Draw +2503.55/2Time Remaining
Toluca +1602.68/5Time Remaining
Over2.5-1251.84/5Time Remaining
Under2.5-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Queretaro vs Santos Laguna 07:06 pm
Queretaro +4255.2517/4Time Remaining
Draw +3204.216/5Time Remaining
Santos Laguna -1751.574/7Time Remaining
Over2.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under2.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Russian Premier League Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Russian Premier League
Go to event:FC Enisey FK Rubin Kazan Spartak Moscow Ural Ekaterinbuf
FK Rubin Kazan vs Ural Ekaterinbuf 09:30 am
FK Rubin Kazan +2253.259/4Time Remaining
Draw +1802.89/5Time Remaining
Ural Ekaterinbuf +1302.313/10Time Remaining
FC Enisey vs Spartak Moscow 12:00 pm
FC Enisey +95010.519/2Time Remaining
Draw +3504.57/2Time Remaining
Spartak Moscow -3051.3320/61Time Remaining
Over2.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under2.5-1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Spain Primera Liga Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Spain Primera Liga
Go to event:Athletic Bilbao Leganes Real Betis Real Madrid Valencia Villareal
Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid 10:15 am
Athletic Bilbao +4755.7519/4Time Remaining
Draw +3404.417/5Time Remaining
Real Madrid -2051.4920/41Time Remaining
Over3-1251.84/5Time Remaining
Under3-1051.9520/21Time Remaining
Leganes vs Villareal 12:30 pm
Leganes +3504.57/2Time Remaining
Draw +2503.55/2Time Remaining
Villareal -1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Over2.5eveneven1/1Time Remaining
Under2.5-1301.7710/13Time Remaining
Valencia vs Real Betis 02:45 pm
Valencia +1352.3527/20Time Remaining
Draw +2253.259/4Time Remaining
Real Betis +1802.89/5Time Remaining
Over2.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under2.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
Sweden Allsvenskan Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Sweden Allsvenskan
Go to event:AFC Eskilstuna BK Hacken Djurgardens IF Hammarby IF
Djurgardens IF vs BK Hacken 09:00 am
Djurgardens IF +3204.216/5Time Remaining
Draw +2603.613/5Time Remaining
BK Hacken -1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Over2.5-1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Under2.5+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
AFC Eskilstuna vs Hammarby IF 11:30 am
AFC Eskilstuna +6157.15123/20Time Remaining
Draw +3404.417/5Time Remaining
Hammarby IF -2501.42/5Time Remaining
Over2.5-1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Under2.5+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Turkey Super Liga Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»Turkey Super Liga
Go to event:Alanyaspor Caykur Rizespor Fenerbahce Istanbul Basaksehir
Caykur Rizespor vs Istanbul Basaksehir 09:00 am
Caykur Rizespor +6957.95139/20Time Remaining
Draw +4105.141/10Time Remaining
Istanbul Basaksehir -3051.3320/61Time Remaining
Over3-1351.7420/27Time Remaining
Under3+1052.0521/20Time Remaining
Fenerbahce vs Alanyaspor 12:00 pm
Fenerbahce +1702.717/10Time Remaining
Draw +2203.211/5Time Remaining
Alanyaspor +1402.47/5Time Remaining
Over2.5-1201.835/6Time Remaining
Under2.5-1101.9110/11Time Remaining
ATP Tennis Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»*ATP Rolex Monte Carlo Masters
Go to event:Dusan Lajovic Fabio Fognini
(#8229) Dusan Lajovic vs Fabio Fognini (Final) 08:35 am
Dusan Lajovic +1702.717/10Time Remaining
Fabio Fognini -2101.4810/21Time Remaining
Golf Updated 04/21 08:09 am
»PGA RBC Heritage 4th Round Matchups
Go to event:Alexander Noren Billy Horschel Boo Weekley Brandt Snedeker Brian Gay Brian Stuard Charley Hoffman Cheng Tsung Pan Chez Reavie Daniel Berger Denny McCarthy Dustin Johnson Eddie Pepperell Emiliano Grillo Graeme McDowell Harris English Ian Poulter J.T. Poston JJ Spaun Jason Kokrak Joel Dahmen Jordan Spieth K J Choi Kevin Na Kevin Streelman Luke Donald Luke List Matt Kuchar Matthew Fitzpatrick Michael Thompson Patrick Cantlay Peter Malnati Rafael Cabrera Bello Rory Sabbatini Sam Burns Scott Piercy Scott Stallings Seamus Power Shane Lowry Tommy Fleetwood Trey Mullinax Troy Merritt Webb Simpson Zach Johnson
(#7401) Graeme McDowell vs Luke List 10:15 am
Graeme McDowell -1101.9110/11 (c) Time Remaining
Luke List -1201.835/6 (c) Time Remaining
(#7403) Jordan Spieth vs Brandt Snedeker 10:25 am
Jordan Spieth -1301.7710/13 (c) Time Remaining
Brandt Snedeker eveneven1/1 (c) Time Remaining
(#7405) Brian Stuard vs Matthew Fitzpatrick 10:55 am
Brian Stuard +1202.26/5 (c) Time Remaining
Matthew Fitzpatrick -1501.672/3 (c) Time Remaining
(#7407) Zach Johnson vs Harris English 11:05 am
Zach Johnson -1851.5420/37 (c) Time Remaining
Harris English +1552.5531/20 (c) Time Remaining
(#7409) Scott Stallings vs Kevin Na 11:15 am
Scott Stallings eveneven1/1 (c) Time Remaining
Kevin Na -1301.7710/13 (c) Time Remaining
(#7411) J.T. Poston vs Brian Gay 11:25 am
J.T. Poston -1151.8720/23 (c) Time Remaining
Brian Gay -1151.8720/23 (c) Time Remaining
(#7413) Jason Kokrak vs Billy Horschel 11:35 am
Jason Kokrak -1151.8720/23 (c) Time Remaining
Billy Horschel -1151.8720/23 (c) Time Remaining
(#7415) Luke Donald vs Joel Dahmen 11:45 am
Luke Donald -1101.9110/11 (c) Time Remaining
Joel Dahmen -1201.835/6 (c) Time Remaining
(#7417) Boo Weekley vs Tommy Fleetwood 11:55 am
Boo Weekley  +1952.9539/20 (c) Time Remaining
Tommy Fleetwood -2351.4320/47 (c) Time Remaining
(#7419) Denny McCarthy vs Troy Merritt 12:05 pm
Denny McCarthy -1401.715/7 (c) Time Remaining
Troy Merritt +1102.111/10 (c) Time Remaining
(#7421) Peter Malnati vs Alexander Noren 12:15 pm
Peter Malnati +1202.26/5 (c) Time Remaining
Alexander Noren -1501.672/3 (c) Time Remaining
(#7423) Seamus Power vs Eddie Pepperell 12:25 pm
Seamus Power +1452.4529/20 (c) Time Remaining
Eddie Pepperell -1751.574/7 (c) Time Remaining
(#7425) Webb Simpson vs Michael Thompson 12:35 pm
Webb Simpson -1851.5420/37 (c) Time Remaining
Michael Thompson +1552.5531/20 (c) Time Remaining
(#7427) Charley Hoffman vs Daniel Berger 12:45 pm
Charley Hoffman -1201.835/6 (c) Time Remaining
Daniel Berger -1101.9110/11 (c) Time Remaining
(#7429) Chez Reavie vs Rafael Cabrera Bello 12:55 pm
Chez Reavie +1102.111/10 (c) Time Remaining
Rafael Cabrera Bello -1401.715/7 (c) Time Remaining
(#7431) JJ Spaun vs Kevin Streelman 01:05 pm
JJ Spaun eveneven1/1 (c) Time Remaining
Kevin Streelman -1301.7710/13 (c) Time Remaining
(#7433) Matt Kuchar vs Sam Burns 01:15 pm
Matt Kuchar -2001.51/2 (c) Time Remaining
Sam Burns +1602.68/5 (c) Time Remaining
(#7435) Trey Mullinax vs Emiliano Grillo 01:25 pm
Trey Mullinax +1102.111/10 (c) Time Remaining
Emiliano Grillo -1401.715/7 (c) Time Remaining
(#7437) Cheng Tsung Pan vs K J Choi 01:35 pm
Cheng Tsung Pan -1501.672/3 (c) Time Remaining
K J Choi +1202.26/5 (c) Time Remaining
(#7439) Patrick Cantlay vs Scott Piercy 01:45 pm
Patrick Cantlay -1851.5420/37 (c) Time Remaining
Scott Piercy +1552.5531/20 (c) Time Remaining
(#7441) Rory Sabbatini vs Shane Lowry 01:55 pm
Rory Sabbatini eveneven1/1 (c) Time Remaining
Shane Lowry  -1301.7710/13 (c) Time Remaining
(#7443) Dustin Johnson vs Ian Poulter 02:05 pm
Dustin Johnson -1501.672/3 (c) Time Remaining
Ian Poulter +1202.26/5 (c) Time Remaining